Wednesday, July 5, 2017

LOGO Quinn

Hello my pretties! I am so excited to talk to you about my new LOGO head and what comes with it.  But since that is the bigger part of my post.  I am going to cover the other items first.  First I am wearing new items from Cae.  She has two releases, one of pearls and the other of gems.  These kitten necklaces are awesome.  They also come with earrings too.  As a set and single items.  Main store release and one at Cosmopolitan. These gorgeous pieces come with HUDS that allow you to change the colors and looks of the gems or the pearls, both earrings and necklace.  I am in love with all her items and this new release is one of a kind and a must have.

Next up is Hair Fair 2017.  I was lucky enough to get in a bit early to grab the hairs and yes, I have paid for them all.  I am in love with this messy hair style from Tableau Vivant.  I have purchased the blond pack and I am loving the colors and the fact that the roots are included is great.  Please make sure you try the demo at the Hair Fair.  As a reminder parts of the proceeds will go to WIGS FOR KIDS.  Where you will be helping children that need our donations to help them feel a little joy in their days.  A little comfort to make them better.

Now the BIG release is the LOGO head called Quinn, now I blogged her in my last post, but I wanted to talk about what you can look forward to in the package you get as the basic:
- Head
- Eyes
- Eyelashes
- Teeth
- Shape
- Eyebrow Shaper
- Head Alpha
- Hair Base (optional)
- Makeup/Tattoo Layer (optional but alternatively you can also make copies and wear as many as you want by right-clicking and selecting Add to put it on)

- Lipstick applier
- Eye Shadow applier
- Animation Hud
- Customization Hud

Please make sure when you are working with your head that you work with the shape that came with the package and make your changes from that.  My suggestion is to SAVE often and make sure you make a new save each time.  So you can go back and work from your last save, kinda like a video game ♥

This head is basically all omega and I have found that using the Pink Fuel skin that was used for the Alex head was a perfect fit.  I found that after working on my own personal look for this BENTO head that I made her look like my beloved Alex but in my own spin.  So if you were in love with that look in the past it is achievable to do now!!  Please make sure you test out the demo and check out all your options before you make the purchase.  There are more add on to be purchased at a later date.  I have noticed on Flickr that there is vampire teeth coming soon for this head, so I am uber excited about this.

Like always have fun with your look and create you! ♥

Necklace:  Cae :: Kitten :: Necklace caelan.hancroft | Cosmopolitan (Pearls) & Main Store (Gems)
Hair:  Tableau Vivant \\  Duona hair - Blonds M4ri1yn Magic | Hair Fair 2017
Tanktop:  JustBECAUSE~MindyTankTop~FatPack~Lara Annie Melson | 
Head: LOGO Quinn v1.0 Head | Maximillion Grant |  NEW
Shape:  LOGO Quinn v1.0 Shape (Livvy Made 1)
Skin:  [PF] <Biscuit> - Morgana - LOGO ALEX Head Applier | mochi.milena | 
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 | Onyx LeShelle |  


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