Tuesday, March 7, 2017

DaD - Tuscany Loft - Blog

Hii everyone! So I wanted to show you a cute skybox that I came across.  DaD Designs updated one of their skyboxes and I am really liking it.  Its 40 prims total.  And for a blogger this is great for many reasons.  It has many different areas as you will see in the pictures below.  So it gives many options to set up scenes.   But for the normal person that doesn't blog this is a great low prim home in the sky where you will have no lag.  There are tons of room.  This is a BIG loft like box.  With open and bright (despite my windlight) space.  I think many people would find tons of use for this box.  The outside is textured too so that you are not looking at a big black box in the sky, so if you are taking pictures from the outside in from a window view (I have an example below) you will have texture to make it look realistic.

Head over to the main store of DaD Design, and check this skyhome out.  As well as some of her other boxes.  I have many of them and use quiet a few for my blogging scenes and needs.  While you are here make sure you check out her land homes too.  So if you don't feel like living in the sky, and want an actual home on the ground level you will find many here too!


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