Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hot Chocolate in the Snow

The weather is finally turning to winter.  The sims are turning to snow and it couldn't be a better time.  Sway's is taking part of The Arcade.  Now The Arcade is NOT opened yet.  But Sway was nice enough to send a copy of her item as a review  Thank you for that! This is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot believe the extreme details on these.  You can click parts of certain items and change the colors.  You can sit on the benches and change your poses.  All items are listed below.  But don't forget the cookies because that is the best part.  You click the cookies and you get a cookie to eat .. yummy! PS. The cups do come with wearable versions.  So you can walk around with your cute selves and drink the hot goodness and keep warm.  

I believe The Arcade opens December 1st ... so get ready to spend all your L's this is gonna be a good round!! ♥  Make sure you check out Sway's main store for other amazing winter items for your land.

[Hot Cocoa] Gacha
The Arcade (Dec 1st - 31st )
16 to collect | 2 rares | 1-7 Li
- Stand with string lights (on/off by touch)
- Box Seat with 6 animations
- Bunting with 4 texture options
- Plate with Cookies (gives Cookie by touch)
- Jars with Peppermint sticks, Marshmallows and Cinnamon
- Jug with 3 texture options
- Hot Cocoa mugs with Peppermint sticks, Marshmallows and Cinnamon, rezable and wearable versions, 3 texture options
- Stack of empty mugs with 4 texture options
- Chalkboard

Texture options for Mugs and Jug: cream, red and blue - for stack of mugs also a mix
Bunting comes in plaid, blue, red and hot cocoa

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