Sunday, September 11, 2016

Visit the Florist

Hii everyone! I was delightfully surprised to find the Tumble head being sent to my inventory.  Catwa had a search for a few bloggers to feature her heads.  I feel honored and grateful to be chosen.   So thank you for choosing me.  

So my post is basically about the heads that Catwa places out.  Now I will admit when the heads first came out I really wasn't on the band wagon for them.  Not because of the quality or anything of that nature.  But because the heads are popular and everyone wants to wear them.   I really do pride my look being my own.  I think that is the issue with many people and their heads.  Now at that time I was also a noob when it comes to heads, I didn't realize you could to some degree make them your own by adding appliers and such like that.  Omega will be your friend and designers are now creating for the head itself so you dont need that. 

So yes Catwa heads are Omega friendly so you can match a look you want! But like I mentioned I am finding that you dont need another HUD as many designers are creating for the head.  I am wearing eyeshadow from Veechi, and a hairbase from Just Magnetized.  Now you will see on the HUD pictures below that Catwa has all that covered in her HUD that comes with the head.  So if you want just what comes in the package then you are good to go and believe me there are TONS of options once you start playing.  

Another good thing is you can test the skin on the head before you purchase.  So wear your skin on the demo head and voila you can see if you like the look and you can play around with options as well.  The HUDs work and you can test what you want to see if you want to make the purchase.  I find this fun.  All demos are free.  I adore stores that allow you to test most if not all the features before you buy. 

Now if you want to check out this head or all her other heads, including the men's section just check out her store you can take a ride HERE.  Yes for all you men that are secretly reading this you can get male heads from her store. 

Top:  *JB* Emma Top - FatPack - Lara | Annie Melson | Mesh Body Addicts
Necklace:  Cae :: Serena :: Necklace | caelan.hancroft | FaMeshed
Hair:  .Lelutka.HF4 hair | Thora Charron |
Head:  CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.9 | catwa.clip | Newer Head
Skin:  Glam Affair - Viktoria Applier - Catwa Mesh Head - FLF | Aida Ewing
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5 | Onyx LeShelle |

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