Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Floating on Cloud 9

Hi everyone! Have you made it into Arcade yet?! Well if you have then you know exactly what I am wearing!! This is the amazing set from Blueberry with the Rares showing ♥ This set is sexy and gorgeous, on top of that you can play for the body that you wear! I am wearing Maitreya, so this is fitted perfectly.  What I love is there are are so many color choices you can win and mixing and matching is just great. I am pairing my full black set with the red panties, because I felt that the red would match the flower petals of the item you win when you play the machine 25 times.  You get a cloud that you float on with particle like floaters around your body, its amazing and makes you feel heavenly.  This whole set makes me feel that way!

While you are at the Arcade make sure you get the hair by Exile.  So many packages of colors to win and I am in love with this bun on the head, and it it fits perfect for the tiara that is in the Blueberry set.   I love all the colors that fit on this hair, but I took the browns this time.  Its gorgeous and I think you girls will love it!

EUDORA is back! That means the shoes and amazing accessories will be around again.  Whats been keeping them away?  Well a whole brand new store was built and omg is it big and amazing! I been inside and see it along the way of building and let me tell you, I think it will make your shopping experience so much easier.  I am wearing necklace done by Eudora, its full of circles and earrings to match.  A must have for their return! ♥

Blueberry Gacha:  #1 Blueberry - Mykonos / RARE / Satin Robe - Maitreya - Black | Blueberryxx | Arcade Sept 2016
                              #13 Blueberry - Mykonos / COMMON / Panties - Maitreya - Red
                              #16 Blueberry - Mykonos / COMMON / Armlorals - Maitreya - Black
                              #25 Blueberry - Mykonos / COMMON / Tiara - Maitreya - Silver
                              #4 Blueberry - Mykonos / RARE / Boots - Maitreya - Black
                              Blueberry - Mykonos - 25 Plays - On Cloud 9
Earrings:  Eudora3d Eithne Earring 2 Silver | Eudora3D | We  <3 RP
Necklace:  Eudora3D Eithne Necklace Silver | Eudora3D | We  <3 RP
Hair:  Exile::Cold | Kavar Cleanslate | Arcade Sept 2016
Head:  CATWA HEAD Dyana V4.9 | catwa.clip |
Skin:  Glam Affair - Lilo Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) America 01 Aida Ewing
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5 | Onyx LeShelle |

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