Monday, June 6, 2016

Reflections in the Water

Hi everyone! I am doing a Home and Garden post today.  I am excited to show you for the summer that DaD released a pool.  You can get the PG version or you can get the Adult version.  This pool is 12x18 and if you would like to make a larger deck you can do so with the added pieces that come with.  Also located by the stairs is a switch for the lights in the water, you can turn them on and its amazing to look at in the night settings!

Next up on my pool deck are the Lifeguard chairs from Sways.  You can find these at this round of The Liaison Collaborative.  There are several to choose from with different texture huds for the  for the pillows.  There are 12 single/friend poses too.  So you dont have to sit alone.  Each chair has life preservers on them.  While you are shopping for Sway items, and hopefully by now we can get into the Arcade, the background of my piccy has one of her RARE tents.  There are 10 tents to collect and 3 of them are Rares.  10 single/friend animations can sit up to two avi's.  This round of Arcade is special.  If the play the machine 50 times you will get a special reward that is like the Ultra Rare of things.  That is how I look at it.  They call it the Special Reward, for playing so many times.  Its a great way to get a little something extra.  I love it.

DaD DESIGN "Double Roman Swimming Pool" | sheerpetal Roussel |
DaD DESIGN "Country Swimming Pool Matress" colorable | sheerpetal Roussel |
DaD DESIGN "Floating ring Couple anim." colorable V1.1 | sheerpetal Roussel |

Sway's [Kai] Lifeguard Chair . ship's wheel | Sway Dench | The Liaison Collaborative
Sway's [Kai] Lifeguard Chair . blue stripes | Sway Dench |
Sway's [Kai] Lifeguard Chair . plain white | Sway Dench |
Sway's [Kai] Lifeguard Chair . red stripes | Sway Dench |

Sway's [Atepa] Tipi . dream RARE | Sway Dench | Arcade - June 2016

DRD Gardenhouse | deathrowdesigns |

[tmk] 2tone skoota - yellow (ride) | tanakachang |

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