Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cabin Feast

Hey everyone! I am gonna show off some items that are part of the Wayward Winter event that will be happening starting the 18th which is tomorrow.  This is a bigger post of the Home and Garden items and I am liking is this isn't all the home and garden stuff.  There is a a wonderful mix of this stuff and the fashion.  So definitely worth checking out. 

I will have everything listed below for you all you to find the items.  I decided to blog this set based on the grouping and how I felt they would fit together in my eyes.  Ofcourse everyone has a different view on things which is what makes SL so great.  One person can see one thing and another can see something else. 

If you want to know more about Wayward, please click below.  And if you want to see the pictures bigger please click them and they will blow up.   Have fun shopping.

Wayward Website

 Credits:  Wayward Winter Items:
 Kalopsia - The Lost Cabin | Isabeau Baragula |

[atooly.home] white star w/ wrapped lights | rockstarroo.gossipgirl |

Lost Juntion Items:   | Tala Laval |
[LJ] BYGASG - Vegetable Plate (gives vegetables)
[LJ] BYGASG - Cutting Board with Meat (Unscripted)
[LJ] BYGASG - Stew Pot - Lid Off (Unscripted)
[LJ] BYGASG - Placemat (Full) Unscripted
[LJ] BYGASG - Bowl of Stew
[LJ] My Mousie Buddie - Black - Rez
[LJ] My Mousie Buddie - White - Rez
[LJ] My Mousie Buddie - Tawny - Rez
[LJ] My Mousie Buddie - Gray - Rez
[LJ] Snowball Pile A
[LJ] Snowball Pile B

Concept items: | Serab |
Concept} 01. Mr. Bean & Co. - FirePlace
Concept} 02. Mr. Bean & Co. - Wood
Concept} 04. Mr. Bean & Co. - Cat Pillows
Concept} 03. Mr. Bean & Co. - Pillow&Basket
Concept} 09. Mr. Bean & Co. - Bean White - RARE 
Concept} 06. Mr. Bean & Co. - Carpet A & B

[Con.] Tilbury Roadster - red RARE | Wavie HallerArcade Item

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