Thursday, December 24, 2015

Come Lay Your Head Down

Happy Holidays everyone!  Uber will be opening soon, and you can find this amazing bedroom set by Sway's.  Its a gorgeous color changing set, that you can choose what you like best.  With this set you can get PG and Adult. 

If you are anything like me, you get bored with things rather quick and want to change around your look/decorations then this is perfect.  I say this because of the different colors you can change the sheets, pillows, the lamp ... all sorts of different ways.  You can choose your metal frame for the bed, and the lamp too.

My second favorite thing about this set are the accessories, that come along with the bed.  I am a big time reader in the RL and to find a book with glasses on it to place at the bedside was a perfect touch to add that personal like for me.  There is even a cactus for the table.  Which again perfect cause I cant kill it ... they take a long time to kill off.  Sooo yesss thank you! ♥

Credits:  Created by Sway Dench
 Sway's [Rosalie] Bedroom Set . romantic (Adult) - Available at Uber


Bed: Metal framed bed with 20 single / friends animations for up to 2 avatars
10 couple animations and 10 adult animations in the adult version
8 texture options for pillows and blankets
frame in 3 metal finishes

Bedside table: in 3 metal finishes, gold, silver and copper

Lamp: with 8 texture options, wooden lamp foot, light on/off

Decor: Picture frames in wood, silver, copper and gold
each with pictures (4 options) and for your own photos
Book with glasses
Pot with cactus, 4 texture options for flowerpot

available as set and separate

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