Friday, July 24, 2015

Hair Fair and Lexi Project

Exile Hair is part of the Hair Fair 2015.  I have three Styles to show you, I did one post earlier with his hair :D  These three are just as pretty as the other.  What I love is that Kavar Cleanslate is a generous man to take part in this events and give part of his proceeds to the Wigs for Kids foundation.  You have less than three days to get your shop on and get all these hairs. While you are there make sure you stop by the stores and pick up your free hairs.  If you dont want to buy hair, make sure that you at least donate a little to help out.

Another event going on soon is to help Lexi Zelin.  She is going through a terrible ordeal and needs our help.  Starting June 26th  there will be an event to help raise a little money to help Lexi with costs.  While I know some of you might know whats going on with her, I dont feel it my place to speak for her and perhaps tell her story wrong.  She has what she wants us to know on her blog.  And I will place that instead.  If you have it in your heart to help her out ... please do.  She is a talented creator and a mother.  We all could use a little help sometimes. ♥

Read more from Lexi herself:

You can find my Top at the Lexi Project:  Forever Young - Lexi Top

::Exile::Walking On Sunshine

::Exile::Future Outcasts

::Exile::Siren's Call 

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