Sunday, June 21, 2015

Where are my French Fries?!?!

I remember when I was a little girl, my mom use to take me down to the river, right before it connected into the beach.  There you would find all the gulls flying around.  Ones like the one in my picture.  Back then it was ok to feed the seagulls and most times it was left over french fries that I had.  Those were the memories I have when I see these lovely birds.  Ohmai, is at the Summerfest `15 and her birds are there too.  They are very cheap in the price and amazing in the textures and what you get.  You get standing ones, ones you can wear and ones that will fly around.  These are perfect for any beach or water area you have.  I am totally in love with this. 

If you are a fan of all things Sway's you will want to head over to her store.  While these were part of the Fifty Linden Friday sale, I am a bit behind (sorry)  you can still get them at her store for the normal price which is always a great deal.  The whale coat racks I have mounted on my docks and used for the hat and towel rack, it looks amazing and beachy, or in my case lake sideish.  With that are the stools that when you click them they change textures so you get a ton of looks from them.  Mix and match make as many as you need.  And the sits are adorable in them.  You can always expect great items from Sway's.

!Ohmai: Herring Gull (Stance4 - Rez) |  Anya Ohmai  | Summer Fest 15
!Ohmai: Herring Gull (Stance1 - Rez) |  Anya Ohmai  | Summer Fest 15
Sway's [Whale] coatrack . shabby . cloth & hat |  Sway Dench  |  Main Store
Sway's [Whale] coatrack . decent . emptySway Dench  |  Main Store
Sway's [Ahoy] stool . nautical | Sway Dench   | Main Store
Sway's [Anchor] floor cushion . red/blue | Sway Dench   | Main Store
Sway's [Nautical] decoration . candle seashellSway Dench  | Main Store
Sway's [Nautical] decoration . candle starfishSway Dench  | Main Store

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