Sunday, June 28, 2015

Luxe - Sylvan

Good morning peoples.  So todays post I am gonna focus more on the store of Luxe.  I posted a picture last night that had this set in it, but honestly I didn't feel I done it justice as I done it more as the background accessories.  I am thinking of picking stores and doing highlights of why you should shop there, lemme know if you like this idea :D  

So Luxe is owned by Jaycee Dover and his lovely wife Meccaa.  (they use display names too).  I started off showing the poses that Meccaa done for her store Pose+ivity.  I absolutely love her poses.  The are are elegant and smooth.  I hardly ever have to pull my arm out of my body or anything so that is a great thing for a blogger.  But she does other poses too, there are sexy, casual and more.  From there she and her husband pulled together to make a store called Luxe, where you can get amazing accessories.  Which is what I am wearing below (also the pose is by Pose+ivity). 

NORMALLY I am not a gold girl, I love silver.  But this set stood out to me and I am stepping out of my normal.  I am wearing the golden colored set.  Sylvan can be found at Uber this round. The event is themed Rustic, and as you can see by the earrings they have a slight worn look to them.  Which the trend of in right now.  We are loving the looks of things that are older.  This set can be worn with man looks and I love that about accessories.  I love wearing them more than once in different ways.  I can see myself wearing this set (yes the gold color) more than just this one time.  So keep an eye out for it again ♥

Uber Ride

Ride to Luxe

Skin is Glam Affair - America at Uber
Eye Lids are by Slink
Hair is by Exile - Full of Grace

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