Thursday, April 2, 2015


Ohhh its that time again where Depraved Nation hosts another 100 Block ♥  What is 100 Block you ask?  Welll 100 Block is where 100+ of the top most amazing designers of SL gather in a plaza and sell awesomesausness.  That is right, awesomesauceness.  This year your sponsors for this event
are ....

SO set your Calendars for APRIL 9TH 2015  for the opening.  The LM is soon to come, as the event is still several days away, but this gives you time to save your money and get ready to shop till you drop! ♥

DID YOU KNOW >>> that 100 Block has a Photocontest, with the biggest prize in all of SL?  Do you wanna know more about it?  Well instead of typing everything that is on Depraved Nations Website, I will direct you there now! RULES AND REGULATIONS AND PRIZES GALORE.

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