Sunday, March 8, 2015

Post 548 - Queens Tea Party

Hey everyone.  So the Boyfriend/Husband, wanted to do this picture, there is a part two that is coming very soon.  This is the enchanted Queen's tea party.  Look at him helping her into the chair, such a gentleman.  Knows how to make a girl feel like a queen that is fore sure.

So my items for the Tea Party are from Erratic.  I have the whole collection and then some.  You have to play the gacha machine at the Arcade to get all the pieces.  While you are at the Arcade, make sure you play the Ispachi animals too.  That is where you will find the chipmunk, duck, bunny, and piggy in the bucket.  

My Clothing:
Dress:  *{Junbug}* The Debutante [Lavender]
Tiara: .tsg. Tiaras - Regal Gold RARE ARCADE
Gloves and Necklace: erratic / aea - cora - gloves ARCADE
                                    erratic / aea - edith - pearl necklace ARCADE
Hair: *Soonsiki~ Ashley  FaMeshed
Skin: -Glam Affair - Amberly Skin - Lovely Day [ Jamaica ]  Collabor88

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