Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Post 496

Hi everyone.  This is post is way over due.  You remember the amazing shoe store called L.Warwick by Lindsey Warwick.  Well let me tell you a little something.  This store is no longer! NO NO NO don't freak out she just re-branded.  The stores new name is Livalle.  These shoes are some that were before the brand.  But I am sure you can get them in her re-branded store ♥  ♥  OH and if you are one of those girls that like to show off your shoes, I would like to let you all know that each box with shoes in it is really seriously only one prim/land impact.  So you wanna show them off in the amazing boxes ... feel free to do so, its hard working making them look as good as Lindsey does ♥♥

Shoes shown (Some come in different colors, so check it out!!)

Owner: Lindsey Warwick  LM: 

[L.Warwick] Bravado - Dress Shoes - Blue (Mens)
[L.Warwick] Bravado - Dress Shoes - White  (Mens)
{Livalle} Evoke -Platform Boots- Caramel
[L.Warwick] Cordelia -Platform Heels- Totally Taupe
{Livalle} Page -Low Platform Pumps- Brown
{Livalle} Slammers -Slip on Shoes- C:\_
{Livalle} Page -Low Platform Pumps- Candy
[L.Warwick] Aurora -Oxford Heels- Lemon
[L.Warwick] Aurora -Oxford Heels- Cherry
{Livalle} Slammers -Slip on Shoes- Black/Pink
[L.Warwick] Elation -Platform Heels-  Berry Nice

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