Sunday, December 7, 2014

Post 494

Home and Garden Post for you this time.  Its slowly ... well in some cases, quickly changing to the winter snow, and its time to break out all the goodies that make your home look wintery and white ... or yellow if you have dogs :D 

If you take a look in my Sway's category you will find that I did a post for the fall of the Wishing Well.  Well Sway Dench has placed out the add on for her well to make it all wintery.  While I was looking at that, I seen the most adorable snow men in the word there too.  In different colors, but I choose the blue ones.  They come in 3 sizes, small Medium and LARGE.  Two styles one with signs and ones with out.  Great little things to place around your land.

While looking in my folders I found some cute little winter items that are low prim and great for the outside snow.  But I have been to The Chapter Four and used the ADORABLE little animals ever! There are the raccoons from the last round and the foxes which are there this round!  So this is my winter theme post number one.  I am sure there will be more coming soon enough :D ♥

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Sway's [Wishing Well] Well with hanging bucket (Sway Dench)
Sway's [Wishing Well] snow add-on (Sway Dench)  NEW
Sway's Snowman [Flake] blue (S) (Sway Dench)
Sway's [stony] step stone 3 (Sway Dench)
Sway's [stony] step stone 2 (Sway Dench)
Sway's [Bygone] Street Lantern . standing (Sway Dench)
*ionic* Mommy and kid Foxes (lakua Arriaga) The Chapter Four
*ionic* - Mommy Raccoon -  (lakua Arriaga)
BaZar - Christmas garland (ria.bazar)
BaZar - Star lights (set) (ria.bazar)
BaZar - Tree with lamps (ria.bazar)
BaZar - Cookie plate (ria.bazar)
Pine Cone & Fir Twig Wreath w wood ornaments (Pamela Galli)

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