Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Post 476

Well hey everyone. Boy do I have a blog for you.  If you all follow flickr then you know that this jacket has been talked about for a bit now.  Tyr Rozenblum and Nina Helix who both have respectable stores have come together in collaboration to make a new brand called Foxes.  Which is where this amazing jacket is from.  Now this jacket is amazing for the price they are asking which favorable doesn't break the bank.  With this jacket, you have the option of a fur collar (shown), or a fur hood (not shown) or you don't need the hood or collar at all. Under the jacket is a shirt, that has a HUD that you can control what the shirt looks like and you have several different choices too.  (Insert the hood has a HUD too and it changes as well.) This jacket is perfect for all you people that are looking to stay warm or fashionable in SL. This can be found at the N21.
Also found at this event are these boots! Reign is amazing when it comes to shoes.  These boots are made for the mesh Belleza body, Slink, and you can wear them normally if you don't have these bodies.  What is nice is that they are so well crafted. There is a HUD that allows you to change the metal from gold to silver.  Totally in love with these boots, and there are several colors you can choose from as well.
On the furniture side of life, you can hit up the Cosmopolitan Birthday Bash and find these amazing items from Aphrodite.  Two little chipmunks that are kissing and sharing little nuts are so damn cute, you must have them for your yard.  And its on sale for 60% off at this even.  So make sure you get them!! Next at the same event by Aphrodite is the apple cider, a nice steaming hot cup of apply goodness.  I love it.  You click and you get a cup you can hold and drink from.  There on the tray are some garnishes to make it look amazing.  I couldn't ask for a better decoration to add to my picture.  Defiantly something you should have for the fall!

♥ Choker:  .Pekka. Triquetra choker - blackened steel (kathya.szczepanski)
♥ Boots:  REIGN.- Fiona Boots-(Unrigged) Cocoa (kenadeecole) N21
♥ Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Fleur (Truth Hawks)
♥ Pants:  [Cynful] Zia Denim v 2.0 Mesh - Worn - Dark Blue - (Cynthia Ultsch)
♥ Jacket Collar:  [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket - Fur Collar -(tyr.rozenblum) (nina.helix) N21
♥ Jacket:  [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket - Med - Worn (tyr.rozenblum) (nina.helix) N21
♥ Jacket Shirt:  [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket - Shirt - (tyr.rozenblum) (nina.helix) N21
♥ Pose:  Sari-Sari Relax 05 (AbbyAnne)
♥ Tree Stump:  Autumn squirrels- Totally nutz for you! (Marina Ramer) Cosmopolitan
♥ Apple Cider:  Aphrodite Autumn pumpkin cider (Marina Ramer) Cosmopolitan
 ♥ Truck: [Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Truck SKY A (ValiantCo)

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual (Siddean Munro)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (AnnaGrey)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. SeverEyes 11 (Berta Avro)
♥ Skin: -Glam Affair - Sia - Jamaica  (aida.ewing)

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