Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween by Aphrodite

Do you know what I hate more than anything! When I am moving into my brand new home and I sit my anchient stack of books down ... walk out of the room to get more stuff to lug up the stairs and come back to find this!!!

Thats right, my house is infested with creepy stuff! There are holes in my brand new walls and floors, and a skeleton ghost floating through my doors like he owns the place! Do you see that little girl coming out of my wall leaving her bloody little feet prints on the floor! I have moved into a wreck! Even that picture on the wall is not so innocent, I cant even get close to anything in this room now because when I do the picture tries to slam in to my body and smash me to the floor.  Its crazy, I need the Ghostbusters, or an Exorcist ... or heck maybe some form of god.  Someone help!!

Well as you can see I have some reallly neat looking Halloween items you can pick up, they are the Aphrodite shop.  I actually like that they are moving items, and I had no real collision script errors or anything of the sort.  What happens is if you walk close to the items a sensor tells you are near and BAM something cool happens or freaky, and you can come up with many different ideas to play with these items.

While you are at the store make sure you take a moment to walk around because there are some really cute and neat other items in little punkins stalls all over the place.

Items: (RIDECreators are Marina Ramer, and Jaylin Whitewood
Halloween:  "The Walking Dead" Deco frame
Halloween: "Skeleton Ghost" animated flying Ghost.
Halloween: "The Bleeding Zombie" Animated Floor Deco
Halloween: "The Writer Spirit" Deco
Halloween: "The Zombie Girl" Spooky Wall Deco

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