Friday, July 25, 2014

Home and Garden - Animal Fun

Hi everyone, I am bringing you a another Home and Garden post.  This is from Sways and Plethora.   I think I am in love with this little turn out.  I say this because I love how kiddy like they are, and yet so perfect for my summer house.  What is even better is when I turned on my shadows and the items started to glow up a little.  I believe this is what materials is ... but dont hold me to that because frankly materials never worked well on my PC.  But omg the little glares and cute shines come from that.  The details are so amazing on these. 
A couple of posts ago I did this amazing Plethora light that was houses, well this time its butterflies.  I am so love these, and I wonder how many more there will be.  I have this one hanging in my house in several areas,  I love how you click and the bulb comes on and lights up every little butterfly possible.  The lights are brilliant and do not wash out anything.  Another well done project by Plethora.


Sway's  (Sway Dench)

▀Where the Wild Things Are - Summer Gacha Event ( July 26 - August 10 )
       ShelfSeat.giraffe* with books, plant and 4 single animations - 2Li
       Rack.whale* with books and box - 1Li
       Lounger.alligator* 4 single and 3 couple animations - 2Li
       Stool.jellyfish 4 single animations .berry, aqua and lemon - each 1Li
       Lamp.snake light on / off by touch .candy, earth and lime - each 1Li
       Stool.elephant 4 single animations .slate, cornflower and aubergine - each 1Li

▀ Dreaming Tree - Theme: Daydreamer - 25% off ( July 26 & 27 )
       Garden lounger with canopy and lantern (flame on / off by touch)
       14 single animations

▀ [Fish] Cushion sets  -  Past Fifty Linden Friday item but at the main store
        Floor cushion - with 6 single animations
        Hug cushion - wearable (with holding pose)
        Decor cushion

  • Plethora - Paper Butterflies Light (plethorasl)

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