Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Challenge 1

Hiiii everyone, so I was lucky to be invited to blog for an amazing furniture event called The ChallengeI am really excited because I have been trying to get my foot in the door with posting things I find on my own, and I am grateful for this opportunity.  So this rounds theme is Cute/Kitsch.  I am finding this to be very nice on my holiday decor that I desperately needed for my home.  From my pictures you will see some very well detailed items from many good and wonderful designers.  Thought my main focus was on the furniture, I didnt really blog the poses, so let me explain some of them now.  In the green sofa that will see, there are couples, singles and *cough* naughty *cough* poses.  Everything you would need to make a very great romantic night.  On the rocking chairs, you will find some very cute poses for sitting, and reading, they come with props to make the experience amazing as well.  I am very excited to show you ....

If you see items not listed, you can find them in side pannel of my blog under the Home and Garden Tab, where all items have been blogged before :D 

Kuro - Kitsch couch (Adult)
Kuro - Kitsch stool

 !! Follow US !! Eggnog living - The Challenge

 [DDD] Let it Snow Cabinet & Mirror
*Shabby* Bright Christmas Ornaments 1
*Shabby* Cookies 4 Santa 1
*Shabby* Knitty Nutcrackers 1
Angel Chimes by PRIME for the Challenge

!! Follow US !! Eggnog living - The Challenge
[DDD] Let it Snow Cabinet & Mirror

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