Monday, February 4, 2013

Post 102 - AlterEgo Coming Soon

DO YOU WANT THESE SHOES?!?!  Well duh of course you do. Keep reading to find out more ♥

Well one of my favorite designers Toxxic from Alter Ego is about to release these pretty little things soon! There is no release date as of yet but it will be soon soon soon I am sure. is a little info on them....

{alterego} Showstoppa Heel-less Sneakers
- non rigged mesh
- resize scripted
- no mod,copy,no trans

After messing around with them a bit they are easy to wear, easy to use via the resizer, I had no issues getting them to fit a little better. A few simple clicks of each shoe and I was looking awesome!  I love the detail on them. And they look great with just about any outfit I had on.... Definately a great name cause they are ShowStoppers ♥   Cant wait for more colors to come out!!!

While we wait for these shoes take the ride above and check out her other items.

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