Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post 070

Yay another amazing release from -Skins-  So meet Emi. So a little about this Shape and Skin. First if you want the young look this is for you. The face is fresh and the skin is well done. I love the face on this shape. Unlike the other skins this one doesnt have the freckle/moles on the face or body, I mean it does...but not same like others, this one is a bit more...plain and that is totally good. Because for me Variety is a major thing. Once a skin starts to look like others, there is no reason to get new ones you know. So this is a nice look. Something different and makes me wonder what more will come.  There are three tones. Pale, Medium and Tan. I am currently wearing the Medium.  Like the other skins, I like how the breasts look natural. There is also a cleavage option that isnt overly done either. Its a nice fit. So far, all the skins from the creator have been amazing and I cannot wait to see more.

Like most of my other pictures of skins I do not majorly touch them up. I basically smoothed out some rough edges, and added a frame. But everything you see is natural windlight settings. Nothing added and nothing taken away.

Skin and Shape: - Skins - Emi Medium
Hair: [e] Return - Brown 08
Bikini: ::[annaA]:: 's Mesh Bikini
Nails: ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V1 by Jamman
Pose is Purple Poses Beth

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