Monday, November 19, 2012

Post 057

Alright so I have the privilege of showing off two looks. Both brought to you by the store called -Skins- . I did a review on a skin called Victoria by them a while back. And now there are two more skins and shapes out. One called Alice, and the other called Brenda.  Now since the last time I reviewed the store there have been some changes. BUT I will have to tell you I adore these skins too, and the shapes are equally as nice.  The one thing that I mentioned I liked the last time was the natural look of the breasts. Which are still true in this case, with out the cleavage look, there is this way the skin is made that makes them look...not overly done. And I am a fan of that. They look soft and curvy. Now to show off there is also a cleavage option in the skins. Now to me I am not a big fan of cleavage on most skins, though I will wear them for certain looks. That is my personal preference.
Like last time, I have to rave about the freckles. Specially on the face. They are not in the average locations, that designers would place them. This makes these skins different from so many other, that and the details.   The Brenda skin, has optional makeup layers, as you will see with my green lips. I am not sure why...but I really liked how it looks so I chose that color, there are other options NOT just that one. So you can mix and match. For the fun of it,  I did try some make up options that I use granted they are not shown. BUT did work for the shape and skin itself. So if you have things you like on your own, odds are they might fit. Tattoo Layers.  To be honest there is nothing I can say really bad about these. I would wear them, or they wouldnt show up on my blog.  So there you have it on the skins.

Ok for another designer, my nails. I do get alot of compliments on them. I have been blogging these for a while now. They are made my Jamman. As are my belly chains. (Which are nice done as well. I like silver...not really a fan of gold...but that is my personal choice. There is Silver, Bronze and Gold). But ok to the nails. I have a liking for this creator and the nails because honestly, they come with this hud, that is EASY to use, and TONS TONS TONS of options. Litterally. Now there are different kinds of huds for these nails. So its a must have.

I would like to add I did VERY LITTLE edit to these pics...I took out some rough angles from the poses...I didnt touch up anything...this is natural windlight in SL CALWL or something like that..  So what you see is what you get.

Skin/Shape: - Skins - Alice Medium
Belly: Double Chain waiste and back dark silver  By Jamman
Nails: Ultimate Deluxe Fingernails  V1 by Jamman
Panties: :OW: "Cherry Blossom" Panties- Mesh
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Taylor Mesh Hair - Rye - Mesh

Skin/Shape: - Skins -Brenda Tan
Makeup: - Skins - Brenda Makeup Glamour
Belly: Tripple waiste belly chain silver by Jamman
Nails: Ultimate Deluxe Fingernails  V1 by Jamman
Panties: :OW: "Cherry Blossom" Panties Mesh
Hair: ::Exile:: Almost Had You:Marone  Mesh

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