Thursday, December 3, 2015

Its Winter Time with Sway's

Hi Everyone, I am going to make this post sweet and easy.  Today I am bringing you a HUGE array of things from Sway's!  Sway Dench has gone over board with the Winter Season and so much happening :D   You wanna get your decor on for winter, this is the place you want to go ♥  She makes my life easy! 

Three pictures below will contain all the information that you need to know about whats happening.  Check it out and have fun shopping!!


Check out Sway's website for more information!! The 9th SwayLand Advent Calendar is starting on December 1st and will end 24th of December.  At Sway's near the landing point you will find a stack of gift boxes, the 2015 Advent Calendar.  Touch one of the signs to receive a folder wit ha HUD and information.

 Arcade is OPENED and you can get these snow men (not the polar bear - not Sway's) out of the Gacha machine!!! These fun little guys are resizable, and a very amazing decoration to have for your home.  Low LI and cute.  
Sway's [Bell] little Christmas tree 
Sway's [Snow Friend] 

FLF is hitting the grid tomorrow, you can find the Christmas tree in the above picture, decorated and not.  Or you can get the candles below.  OR you can buy both and have double the fun with decorating.  The candles are in a mason jar, that are light up and if you use your windlights you will see the amazing little highlights.  They look so real.
Sway's [Winter] Jars with candle

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