Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sway's Jar World Decorations

So I been really into collecting little jars lately.  I have blogged another creator that had a jar recently, but then Sway totally blew me out the water with these. What sets these jars a part from all the jars in SL is that these are not only 100% her own creation, they are animated too! The little miniature pieces move!  I can't get over how small the pieces are that move, I know I am raving about that.  But I have had the pleasure to see them all!

You can collect them all too! The Fantasy collective has just opened and this is Sway's addition to what is there.  You can go play and win to your hearts content and whats better is you can share them with your friends.  That something I would love getting if I hadn't collected them all already ♥

Jars:  Created by Sway Dench     Fantasy Gacha Carnival     Sway's Main Store
Sway's [Jar World] Camping
Sway's [Jar World] Ocean
Sway's [Jar World] Beach
Sway's [Jar World] Snowman
Sway's [Jar World] Sky RARE
Sway's [Jar World] Desert
Sway's [Jar World] Moon RARE

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