Saturday, August 22, 2015

Maybe Next Time He'll Think Before He Cheats

Hey everyone.  Play the song at the end and you will see that inspiration.

Plethora is part of Festival of Sin II (22 Aug 2015 - 5 Sep 2015)  which will have tons of goodies for you.  There you can find this set, which is fun and well done.  This is for all you people that had your heart broken and you wanna get a little revenge.  As you can see from the picture these little trinkets are all the things that a girl or boy could use to get his revenge.  Voodoo Dolls ... Poison,  Arson, oh we have it all here, and this mirror, perfect for placing my heel into.

Speaking of my heel, you can get these puppies at Reign, they were part of the FLF items that you could get there are two versions. Buckles and Bows.  I am wearing buckles.  With N21 starting you might still be able to get them before they go off sale.  So head over and check it out.

More on Festival of Sin :

♥ Plethora - The Breakup Set  - Festival Of Sin
--Plethora - Bent Golf Club
--Plethora - Lighter - Red
--Plethora - Lighter - White
--Plethora - Lighter - Gold
--Plethora - Lighter - Black
--Plethora - Voodoo Doll - Tan
--Plethora - Ripped Photo
--Plethora - Poison Bottle
--Plethora - Lighter Fluid
--Plethora - Shattered Mirror - Light Wood
--Plethora - Mirror Shards

♥ Shoes: REIGN.- Buckle Strap Heels - Black  - Fifty Linden Friday

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