Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aphrodite - Father's Day Galore

Hey everyone.  So you looking for that perfect Father's Day gift?  Aphrodite has the stuff for you, all from Alcohol to the Cigars, pipes and other yummy stuff.  I am loving these items.  The drink script you get from tapping the drinks are nice.  The drinks are in a various of variety which is gives you plenty of choices.  I think my personal favorite is the Whisky.  This is what happens when you wear the Whiskey :   
Whisky whispers: mmmmm... A culmination of over a century of expert craft, traditions passed down by five generations and spirited invention. Only 50 bottles of this single malt Scotch whisky are released each year, costing 26k dollars a bottle on 2014 year. On nose, A beautifully harmonious, uplifting, vibrant and complex aroma. Delicate rose petal and violets intertwine with green tobacco leaf, oak and faint hints of smoke. The taste is initially very sweet, with zesty orange marmalade and vanilla toffee, cascading through layer after layer of aromatic herb, floral and soft fruits, silky oak tannin and gentle smoke, while the finnish is exceptionally long, with a touch of dry oak and the merest trace of peat. Enjoy!
I love this. It gives you the feeling of what you are drinking.  This makes it all that more appealing to the person drinking.  And you get a little more background history of your drink.

The beach chairs, they have options for the men, the kids, and the ladies.  There are fun poses for everyone.  You get a drape version and a non drape version, while they are wedding chairs, if you use the non drape ones around the house they are cute little additions to any table! You could use the drape ones for that too, all depends on your decorating style. 

Perk up your garden with the amazing fountain.  This water running fountain makes sounds.  There are butterflies around it.  This fountain is really well made, the shadows fall perfect and it runs smooth.  Definitely a must have on the gardeners list. 

All items are low prim (li) and easy to use.

(Found at the main store and marketplace)  Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood

Aphrodite Strawberry liquor & treats tray
Aphrodite Liquor "on the rocks" & Cuban Cigars tray
Aphrodite Premium Whisky & truffles tray
Aphrodite Lemoncello Liquor & truffles tray
Aphrodite Luxury 50 years whiskey gift box
Aphrodite stone Pipe Holder & stand
Aphrodite wood Pipe Holder & stand 2
Aphrodite stone Pipe Holder & stand
Aphrodite wood Pipe Holder & stand
Aphrodite ashtray with pipe & tobacco
Aphrodite ashtray with pipe
Aphrodite ashtray silver
Aphrodite ashtray golden
Aphrodite white chocolate cigarrettes
Aphrodite dark chocolate cigarrettes
Aphrodite Beach Wed.Chair (no drape)
Aphrodite Beach Wedding Chair
"Summer Flowers" Fountain

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