Sunday, May 10, 2015

Post 581 - Sway's Garden

On May 1, The Home Show opened.  Sway's is in this years opening.  What you can find there is her Garden Shed, and the Gardening Table.  These both are original mesh and very cute to have your garden.  The utensils that come with are all 1 land impact each.  And there are different colors to be had.  You can choose if you want to place out the loose, the partial links, or linked items. 

If you happen to like the topiary's I have out, you can get them at the Sway's main store.  You can get them with lights, or flowers.  The flowers could click to change to colors,  they are perfect for any look in your garden.  Or you could place them around your house. So many looks can be come from these pretty plants.

Sway's [Peony] Garden Shed & Gardening Table  |  Sway Dench  |  The Home Show
garden shed with working doors (2 Li)
gardening table(2 Li)

gardening utensils:(1 Li each)
flower box
gloves (green and red)
bags of soil (3 variations)
rubber boots (pink and blue)
empty flowerpots (3 variations)
garden hose
tools: spade, bar spade, hand fork and trowel
flowerpots with soil, plant and seedling
flowerpots with tulips (2 variations, each with 4 color options)
watering can (blue, green and pink)

Sway's [Greta] potted topiary - Large, Small, Flowers, and Lights

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