Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sway's Arcade - Cupacake Bunnies

Hey everyone! After a few tries I did manage to get into the Arcade. I know its still busy and people want in.  This round is awesome for sure.  I have a collection of bunnies for you.  There are 9 to collect, 3 rares, and they are 1Li each.  Whats even better is the big bunny, is 3Li.  You can make them big, you can keep them small.  The bigger they get the more LI but as you can see I made them them all different sizes to show what you can do, the textures stay really nice too!  And they are perfect for the upcoming spring.  Make sure you hit up the arcade before its to late. 

Along with her bunnies are these awesome chalk boards which come with different writings or a blank one.  Each having keys and letter inside the little box holder.  I have chosen three of them to show you.  Just click the board and change your texture.  The drop down menu lets you do so.

▀  Sway's [Cupcake Bunny] - Arcade Gacha
50 L$ per play | Mesh | Material | modify + transfer | 9 to collect | 3 rares | 1 Li each

▀  Sway's [Suzie] key holder / note board  (Sway Dench)
     with keys and letter -- 6 chalkboard options

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