Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Post 541 - Gypsy's

Come take a seat and look into the crystal ball, we will tell your future.  Lay out the cards and consult the spirits.  You will leave with the answers you may or may not seek.  Is there love in your future?  Will you become rich?  Tall Dark Strangers in your future?  Who knows.

But you can totally find out by playing in the Sway's [Fortune Teller].  All this could be found at the FGC - Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Feb 6 - March 6) 

Sway's [Fortune Teller]

tent* from colorful cloths & foulards 8Li   RARE
bunting with colorful pennants 2Li
book antique 1Li
display board two-sided 1LI
table with tablecloths 2Li
chair* with 8 animations 1Li   RARE
stool with 8 animations 1Li
crystal ball colorful and glowing 1Li
candle flames on/off by touch 2Li
card tarot 1Li

Gacha | 50 L$ per play | 10 to collect | 20 Li altogether
Mesh + Material | modify + transfer (scripts - transfer only)

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