Sunday, February 8, 2015

Aphrodite - "White Roses" Romantic Pavillion

HI everyone! So the big Love day is around the corner and Aphrodite, and Heart Homes are on top of it.  This is another release in the romantical sets that are coming out.  This Pavillion is adult oriented (yes there is a PG one)  But this one has so many cute and amazing little poses in it.  Its a must have for your land.  I couldnt have asked for anything better when my date arrives.  I love the windlight that I found too! It gave it an enchanting look.

Wanna see what this romantic pavillion can do ... CLICK HERE

Prim counts:
LI as follows:
Rug: 2
Petals: 2
Fireplace: 7
Champagne Bucket: 8
Decorative White Roses Vase: 1
Optional Gazebo: 36
Optional MESH White climbing Roses to decorate around: 16

The comfortable polar bear rug has couple menus & poses as following:
Snuggles: 28
Hot: 21
Warmth: 2
Dance: 2
Tasties: 9

It also has 9+ props, pillows & romantic food, like fresh strawberries, arousing oysters, aphrodisiac caviar, rose champagne, chocolate! or sparkly champagne.

Aphrodite "White Roses" Romantic Pavillion ADULT

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