Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sway's Events

Hii everyone, in case some of you didnt know I am on a mini brake of blogging.  So that means that some of my blogging days will be empty for sure.  I am covering basically what I can when I can.  Its casually now.  I am sorry if I lose some of you but after almost 4 years RL is finally taking over. 

Now that, that, is out of the way.  I got some amazing things by Sways that you can get in some really amazing events.  The first one I am going to show off is the Uber Event, its theme is 50 Shades of Sexy.  (oh yea they went there).  Here you will find this extremely well done and well textured bedroom set.  It comes with a bed, that is PG or Adult.  18 single and 10 couple animations, the adult version comes with 9 very hot animations that are smooth in movement.  There are 4 texture options on this as well. It comes with all you see in the picture, bedside table and lamps, clothes for the floor, and condoms!  And you can find it here

Next up is a little more innocent.  You can find this at the Candy Fair.  Which is happening in two days October 3rd.  Here you will find a gacha and more amazing furniture.  I am showing off the candy corn set.  Which is perfect for the fall.  And there is the fruit cushions that you can rez or hold depending on your mood.  Both equally cute.  The Sofa, has 5 couple animations and 12 single animations,  the arm chair has 10 single animations and the coffee table and rug come with the set.
In the fruits the Cherry, Orange, and Watermelon are the rares, and there are 8 to collect.

If you want to check out other Sway's items you can head over to her main store, the owner is Sway Dench.  And you can TP HERE

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