Monday, October 20, 2014

Post 474

Hiii everyone.  So I know people are getting ready for Halloween and this is a must have and really cute too.  Plethora has a gacha machine at For Gachatopia's Tag! Halloween Gacha Event - Haunted Studio.  Sooo you want more information about it?  Find it here.   So you wanna know about the brooms well here is what you should know about them.

L$50, No Mod, No Copy, Transfer rezzer HUD
9 commons, 2 rares, 1 mystery rare coupon
Sorry folks you cannot rez a broom for another to ride, but you can trans the HUD to gift to another person.  Which at that amazing price its fun.

I will admit I cant drive to save my life.  I was on a broom and whelp, I lost it about 3 times so I rezzed them and thought I better take a picture this way, or I might have died before getting a good pic of me flying on this broom.  (Yep even floating still ... I lost my broom.  Very uncoordinated.  But I will get it eventually)

Plethora Flying Broom - Created by PlethoraSL
Get your Broom Here

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