Thursday, September 11, 2014

Maven Homes - The Fairbrae Classic Home

Heey everyone, sooo I got something amazing to show you.  I got a new house! I had to move off my old land because the owner placed a club on the residential sim.  Gotta love that.  So.  I moved onto the amazing lands owned by Harlow Heslop.  That so makes me an it kid.... I think.  Well anyways, the parcel is gorgeous and this home just fits so perfectly on it.  Now what I am showing you is a parcel decorated house.  ITS HUGE! Tons of windows and little nooks and crannies all over the place.  So I am going to pose the pictures an at the bottom will have details.

(All my furniture can be found listed at some point or another through my various posts in the Home and Garden section)

Market Place
Main Store

Land Impact: 189
Size: 40 m x 40 m
Recommended parcel: 4,096 sq.m. or larger

• Two bedrooms
• Bathroom
• Living room
• Kitchen
• Dining room

• Atrium with retracting glass roof
• Patio
• Fireplace
• Shower, bathtub and sink with animated poses
• Radio Tuner
• Duck (on the tub)

• Security system with radar controls access to house
• Lockable doors
• Doors can be set to open automatically
• Adjustable window tint and opacity
• Lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed
• Lighting color can be adjusted
• Automatic mode adjusts lighting according to sim time of day

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