Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Post 120

Yay, another awesome Release from annaA well actually a few things. So I am gonna do a little review of this designer. So this is introducing.. Leonie .. Isn't she pretty. Shape, and amazing skins. Three tones. Milk, Pale, and Light. In the folder was also, Freckles (3 versions), Blush, and Eyeliner. There are also lipstick that go with, though I chose 4 out of the many to show. So as you may notice in the picture there are teeth and no teeth versions, that is on not only the lipsticks, but on the skin itself, so if you don't use the lipsticks you will have cute little teeth.  Like "most" designers, she has appliers with hers for the boobies. And I am proud to say that YAY they match reallly good. Barely noticed the lines where the mesh hit the actual skin.

Now, on my av you will see I have some piercings with branding. These are always one of my favorite things from this designer, I am not a personal huge fan of tattoos often (yea I wear them) but rarely. I like this alternative. Its a light minor look. With different opacity's. So you can go from just burned to faded like scar. Which is way cool. And now she has little piercings to match. Now you don't have to wear the piercings, in the folder is the non pierce kind.

So all in all. Great Job annaA, you have another impressed blogger on your side hehe, but I am always happy to show off your items. Thank you!

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