Monday, July 30, 2012

Vanity Fair Pt 2

So, Here is another post for the Vanity Fair. So you might be wondering, what that is all about right. Well here is the website. VANITY FAIR WEBSITE  So despite the fact I really dont understand the details behind all this I do know this place has great taste. I am loving the outfits I am finding. So here we go more pics...and surely more posts will be comming soon! CLick to make the pics larger!

Skin: ::Modish:: ShweeterU-candy- fatpack Shown in Fair, Sunkissed, and Tan  (This skins is a pink ribbon even item)
Outfit One: ! Devilish Designs  RawR Cheetah Top and Shorts VF Item
Outfit Two: ! Devilish Designs Intoxicating Lace VF Item
Outfit Three:
Top: ! Devilish Designs Sizzlin Mesh Tube Top Teal Print VF Item
Shoes: * .:: deeR ::. * galaxy stiletto [Piercings/Tattoo] VF Item
Pants: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH skinny pants [Multi-Version]  VF Item

Dress: "DEW" Princess of the darkness VF Item
Skin: ::Modish:: Lepota-Letto VF Item

Dress: "DEW" Shinig Star VF Item
Skin: ::Modish:: Lepota -Starlight VF Item


Perfect Wardrobe Look 4

So, another post for Perfect Wardrobe, which by the way started today! So the theme is slumber party! And who doesnt wanna sleep on a Monday after all the weekend fun we were having...well maybe you had. I know I did. So I borrowed my friends room while me and the boyfriend are looking for our own space. Which today I hope! I am excited because tomarrow is my birthday. So I wont be Imma get these out now. me, go get these hot little numbers cause each one is amazing, and check out the post below this one to find out what else you can find there!

 Jammies: *Epic* -PW- Naughty Pajama Duo Set - PW ITEM
Shown are Leopard and Army, other styles and colors can be found there!

 Tee Shirt: Elmont - Sleepless Nights - Heather PW ITEM
Other Colors can be found there!
Glasses: ::je suis...charmante::pinks PW ITEM

Pantie Set: Izzie's - Sweet Dreams Lingeri PW ITEM
Glasses: ::je suis...charmante::pinks PW ITEM

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Georgie ]
Hair: [LeLutka]-SJ hair - JustDone
Necklace: ~Pepper~Woocen Name Necklace - its customizable to hold a name!
POSES: -.label motion.- Paola for PW PW ITEM

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Perfect Wardrobe Look 3

Yes Yes Yes! Another Round of the PERFECT WARDROBE starts tomarrow! And I have a little sneak peak for you! Such a good round, you know why...cause its theme is SLUMBER PARTY! So get your gear on and get ready to start your Monday off sleeping...cause you are gonna be dreaming good in these little numbers.  And let me tell you they got something for EVERYONE!

Jammies: WERTINA Dream Set Red  PW ITEM
Socks: SweeTartz [<3] Oh Mai Falling Socks PW ITEM
Knees: .:: Delusions ::. I Gotsa BooBoo KNEE PACk PW ITEM
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Slipper Love Necklace PW ITEM
Tattoo: (flaunt) Counting Sheep Tattoo  PW ITEM
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Candy ] - [ Summer Sunset ALL TDR Exulusive ]
Hair: Tameless Hair Moira - Mega Pack
Shape: ::::ChicChica:::: Blanche Shape (new)

Shirt: SweeTartz [<3] Oversized Shirt - AARRGGHH! PW ITEM
Socks: SweeTartz [<3] Oh Mai Falling Socks PW ITEM
Kitty: ~Pepper~ Cuddle Kitten  PW ITEM
Hair: Tameless Hair Moira - Mega Pack
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Candy ] - [ Summer Sunset ALL TDR Exulusive ]
Shape: ::::ChicChica:::: Blanche Shape (new)

Lingerie: [trs] Cutie Underwear Set - Rawr! PW ITEM
Socks: [trs] My Comfy Sox - Blue PW ITEM
Hair: .ploom. Aternia - Dipped 1
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Candy ] - [ Summer Sunset ALL TDR Exulusive ]
Shape: ::::ChicChica:::: Apple Shape (new)


Vanity Fair pt 1

So, the Vanity Fair opened yesterday! I am a bit late...sorry but Fashionably Late is better than not showing up at all right? So there are tons of stuff that need to be shown, but you should be aware that this place is jammed pack with amazing designers. I cant believe the great stuff that is being shown off. So I have a few pics to show right now.


Starts July 28th

Skin: [ Gallant ]  Cassie Summer Tan Skin- Fat Pack 4 Makeups VF ITEM
Comes with Lashes and mouth apha for teeth!
Shape: [ Gallant ]  Cassie Summer VF ITEM
Hair: Tameless Hair Despina - Mega Pack VF ITEM
Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot
 Outfit: .::CENSORED::.Noelle Dress VF ITEM
Hair: Tameless Hair Daisy - Mega Pack VF ITEM
Skin: Al Vulo Georgie
Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot
Shirt: .::CENSORED::. Amelie Set_ Blouse VF ITEM
Pants: .::CENSORED::. Amelie Set_ Pants VF ITEM
Shoes:  [e] Move Pumps
Hair: Tameless Hair Daisy - Mega Pack VF ITEM
Skin: Al Vulo Georgie


Saturday, July 28, 2012


So...The Hair Fair is still going on for one more day. SO if you didnt get the hairs you wanted now would be the time to get your butts into gear and get them!

Not only are you getting amazing hair you are donating some of your L's for little kidlets that need hair. All money donated will help them get wigs. So do your good deed and go pick up a hair or two. Every little penny counts, and in this case all L's count!  So incase you wanna know what I done! Here is my BIG post on Hair Fair 2012, something I do each year and this is my first time blogging it!



Sunglasses and Bikini's

Whoa, ok so its been a little bit since I blogged. I can personally blame a certain someone for sweeping me off my feet...and making me go crazy happy.  But time to get back to work for a little bit hmmm....and no not that blogging is just takes work to keep it going.

To start off. Whoa Enzo...seriously man you drop this load of new glasses on us and are like...doooo it. Talk about pressure right? Nah! I love his sunglasses. So Lemme tell you about SHADZ. First off if you dont got any...what is wrong with you?!! They are affordable and hip! On that their are three different frames now. You got your flat top...shown in the Love Glasses, Classic...shown in the Boy Toy, and Aviator...Shown in the Bird Version. Now on that, lets say you like these soooo much like I did, you can have a custom pair made. Mhmm that is right, he will make anything you want...I guess with in limits seriously check it out.

Ok so next...BOOM! Im so happy to be chosen to show off some items for you! Personally this store has been around for along as I can remember 2007!!. I have shopped here for years, and I been here for 4...but she is making amazing clothing. Again seriously if you never been here then ....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Yes I so yelled at you all...but really check out these Bikinis that just came out. This bikini comes in sets and separates.  There are a total of 256 mix and match separates to choose from!   All full sets are available at a discounted price and include free matching tintable tan-line layers.

While you are at it..check out the new skin from Al Vulo, damn I have all her skins now I think, and she is selling this one at the The Dressing Room (TDR)! Which is totally a must have LM in your inventory for you girls...and sometimes you guys...because 70L for this skin!! Really I was squeeling when I found this out! So you gotta get there and!

♥Skin: al vulo- Candy * summer sunset sunkissed

♥Bikini:Shown in order too
*BOOM* Ellio Bikini  (jungle camo, coconut, cherry hearts, and cherry stripes)

♥Shadz: ShadZ - Boy Toy - Classic
ShadZ - Mustache - Classic
ShadZ - LOVE - Flat TOP
*ShadZ* Bird - Aviator

♥Necklace: ~Pepper~ Necklace -  Key To My Heart -

♥Hairs: shown in order
/Wasabi Pills/ Zoey Mesh Hair - Rye
::Exile::Sea of Love:Marone
>TRUTH< Enisa w/Roots - swedish
.ploom. Aidyn (small) - Indecisive

♥ Poses By Purple Poses 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art Anyone?

So this little look came together around the bag that is sitting on the floor of the picture. A good friend of mine is about to release these, or so I hope she is because they are cute, fun sassy and really amazingly done.  On that SS (spearsong) has released these cute mesh shirts and boots! Im like wowz, so of course I had to pull out my pants from Alter Ego and pull this look together, I made it cute so I am happy with it!

  • Hair: >TRUTH< Lori w/Roots (Mesh) - coffee
  • Shirt: .:SS:. OFF SHOULDER  - Pink
  • Boots: .:SS:. Striped Bootie
  • Pants: :: alterego :: princess denims - blue / open fly
  • Glasses: MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS - candy gloss
  • Skin: al vulo- anita * natural teeth - sunkissed
  • Shape: ::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Sina"
  • Bag - IPG - CAT ART Tote (Wear) - On market place only (click link)
  • Pose by Purple Poses 


So, still loving on this table set from What Next, I thought I would use it one last time, it has a great phone animation on it!  To also show off my new TOWN dress, I love pretty much anything mesh that comes from this store, and this dress be included. And I have all new favorite hair from the hair fair, which is still going on so you better check it out before its gone!

Dress: [Town] Mesh Backless MiniDress - Green
Skin: al vulo- georgie *pink dark brows custard
Nails: [MANDALA]KABUKI BLACELET,Handring,Nails/Shangri-La PINK
Hair: Heartless: Eva (caramel)
Table Set ( top pic)  {what next} Amalfi Cafe Set for Two (Bondi)
Pose (bottom pic) PURPLE POSES

Monday, July 23, 2012

{what next} Amalfi Cafe Set for Two

So, for part two of my ZombiePopcorn post...This set of tables from What Next totally came out amazing. I got my amazing boyfriend to pose with me cause I wanted to show off the features of the couples. This is a very romantic set and will work anywhere. I will tell you this set comes in a pink, orange and blue color, and its LOADED, and I do mean loaded with poses, PG ofcourse so you can use it anytime you wanna snuggle and feel romantic!

NOTE: Anything seen on the tables, IE: The milkshake, the candles all that is built in. There is also a dinner set, and MANY accessories that come with!

{what next} Amalfi Cafe Set for Two

A Game

So another post! Just as I had my NC for my blog on annaA shapes, she gives me three more to do. Figures haha. But I likes her she is a sweet persons. On that, I got a last moment blog for Modish skins too. So I will get this out because she has this skin in the event and its the only place to get it! Sooo make sure you do...cause I am loving the make up on this! On that Epic came out with a new bikini set, and its mesh and amazing like the rest of the items she puts out!

Skin: ::Modish:: MilesAway -colormash Sunkiss GSP item
Shape: ::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Sira"
Hair: Magika [Hair S] After
Eyes: .ID. July Gift / Mesh Eyes 
Kini: *Epic VIP* Mesh Retro Beach {Moon}
Poses are by PURPLE POSES

Anna N Al Vulo

I was looking to find something to put out for today cause frankly my inventory is a mess. I reallly need to clean it haha. I might take a few days off and do it, who knows. 45K and I know some of you are like....omg you horder, and then some of you are looking at your inventories going Bish please that isnt anything....look at what I got hahaha. So....Anyways, I found this awesome combination. I am loving on the annaA shapes I get to blog. I dont know why but my Al Vulo skins always look amazing on the way incase you all wonder my main shape is made by her...with a few mods I put on it. So if you want a good shape you gotta do it.  BUT my squee moment is OMG AL VULO does eyes now! These puppies are freaking amazing! I love eyes in SL and if you make good ones, I will be your friend for life. SO I was excited to get passed these to try! SERIOUSLY people check them out, they are mesh and real looking....So...look at my pics, make it your own style and totally go out and check it out!

::[annaA]:: 's Neckerchiefs -  FULLPack =)
Shape:::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Iset"
Pasties: :: alterego :: pasties - cheetah purple
Hair: fri. - Cassie - Cranky Brown
Eyes: AL Vulo! * Valkyria  - NEW and fat pack shown if you make pic bigger!
Skin:  al vulo- julia *black brown sunkissed
Poses are by PURPLE POSES

*Note: The skin is the base, the fat pack comes with shapes, EXTRA makeups which is what I am wearing the ROUGE color lipstick! It has mesh lashes and other amazing items for skin inside the folder too

Sunday, July 22, 2012

ZombiePopcorn Look 7 Pt 1

Sooooo, ZP brand is out again! Another new look another round of amazing designers, and WOOT I get to blog it for you. This is part one of my two part blog :D  I have to wait for the boytoy to come on for me to do part 2 ♥ So top of the blog is the direct link to the ZombiePopcorn blog, where you can find out about whats happening and stuffs!

Dress:*Epic* -ZP- Mesh Burned Butterfly Jersey Dress {Sea}  ZP Item
Butterfly: *Epic* Animated Perched Sparkle Flutterfly! {Nose}-[Ruby]
Hair: Heartless: Eva (chocolate)
Feets: *Epic* Socked Digi Legs {Black}
Ears: *Epic* Neko Ear {Black} [Pierced]
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ] - [ Fatpack sunkissed ]
Eyes: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eyes ] - [ fatpack Reflection ]  - NEW

Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Ganache Dresses Black & Black/Pink - ZP Item
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ] - [ Fatpack sunkissed ]
Hair: Heartless: Eva (chocolate)
Shoes: .HW. Anti-Womanizer -Boot-
Eyes: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eyes ] - [ fatpack Reflection ] - NEW

Poses are by PURPLE POSES


I love when I am inspired to do a blog. So this full out av from Tameless, has been out for a few days now, maybe a week and frankly I wanted to do something with it more than blog it up and be like ok here go get this. I know that is how my personal style has been lately.  But for the last few days or so I have been on this gorgeous beach of some friends as they have graciously allowed me to stay here for a while to clear my head. I love it.  The it hit me...this av looks like she is escaping, she is sailing away to something better or to get find something more in life. And it hit me. So you will see in my pictures one I done up in PS and one that I barely touched up so you can get the full effect.  I am loving this.

So in the piccy above everything you see is what you get.
Hair, Clothing, Eyes, Feet, Nails, Accessories which are the necklace and Bracelets, Shape and Skin which do come in different tones.
Also at the store, the hair is for sale in different shades if you would like another!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Alter Fashion

So here is a mini AlterEgo Fashion Show...why...uhm because I love this store. And I would promote anything from it. Yeppers, so I been holding back some items and yet some new stuff has come out. So lets get this little thing going shall we?

Shirt: :: alterego :: mesh baja tank - thug - In pink
Pants: :: alterego :: denim flares - blk - hrt - red
Hair: LOGO Michelle II (L)/AshBrown
Tie: : Amorous : Tied
Belt: : Amorous : Luna (Boxed)
Tattoo: .:: Delusions ::. Dirty Mind (kisses xo)
Skin:  al vulo- georgie *pink

Shirt:  :: alterego :: mesh baja tank - thug - In Blue

Other Items same as pic one 

Shirt: :: alterego :: werd mesh tops - angel

Other items same as pic one

Outfit: :: alterego :: talk slick - red  This comes with top, skirt, and leggings
Hair: ::Exile:: Bring it On!:Frosted ( Old group gift, other colors availble)
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots - non-rigged
Skin: al vulo- georgie *red
Tattoo: .:: Delusions ::. Live Laugh Love Smile - Love Shown here

Outfit: :: alterego :: bitch fail  This comes with a mesh top, jeans, gloves, armbands, and boots

Skin,hair, tattoo same as pic above it

Tattoo  - Laugh shown here

ALL POSES: Purple Poses 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All That Glitters

Sooo, its been a while since I blogged anything by Spearsong, and wow look what I found! I love this mini set they have out, the sequins are well done and it looks awesome. I couldnt believe  the details. On that The other picture is a Tattoo that they placed out it looks amazing.  With this I am sporting another hair from the Hair Fair, and an Al Vulo skin from One Voice.

Piccy One:  .:SS:.  ONE PIECE MINI DRESS - Shown in Pink and Black

Hair: [Iren] Rory Hair-medium_brown
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Georgie ]

Poses: Purple Poses 

Near the Beach

So its a been a odd week, one that is slowly getting better. A friend of mine wisked me away on a mini vacation to a private beach where its sand and ocean for miles. I am loving every moment of the mind clearing sounds of waves.  But on that it makes me wanna take pictures so here is a blog for you.

Some of you know that I blog for a store called Le*Se and well now one of the owners has branched off onto her own and is now the creator of SOUL. So Im proud to announce I blog for this store too. There are many nice things, and more to come as well.  So check it out!  Al Vulo has put out a new skin, Julia, and its worth checking out, I love Al Vulo skins its what I blog the most when I get them! They go with any...and I do mean any shape!

On that, as a reminder the hair fair is still going on. Seriously people its for a good cause you should check it out and support the lil kids that need wigs, each store is giving up a portion of the proceeds to fund the wigs. Mind you girls...and guys, that you buy hair all the why not drop a few L for the kidlets and help them out :D

Picture One:
Shirt: SOUL. Cut Tee Scary Monster Red -BOXED
Pants:  :: alterego :: denim flares - blk - hrt - red
Tattoo: SOUL. Game Tattoo GIFT
Hair: ::Exile::Sea of Love: Naturals
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ]
Shape: SOUL - Amy Shape 

Picture Two:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Zoey Mesh Hair - Blonds Pack
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ]
Shirt: SOUL. Mesh Vest  Black  - BOXED
Pants: GFW Cutes Capri :. Liquid Honey .:
Shape:  SOUL. Amira Shape

Pose by Focus Poses 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Perfect Wardrobe Look 2

So another amazing look for Perfect Wardrobe, and this time I am packing, not just my piece but the whole look is packing. This event is based on the theme of clubbing and partying, and man do I feel like partying again. To bad the weekend is gone!  Oh well, the party is still going on in this post.

Keep in mind the event started already so make sure you head down and check it out!

Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Essential Clubbing Outfit - top, shorts, armband  PW Item
Shoes: {lyric} Spiked to Death - PW Item
Belt: BUID BELT Black Leather  V1(unisex) PW Item
Necklace:  : Amorous : Not Granny's Necklace
Tattoo: (flaunt) Death by Music Tattoo (Black)  PW Item
Skin: al vulo- georgie *pink dark brows cleavage custard
Earrings: Izzie's - Feather Earrings gold PW Item
Hair: ::Exile:: Break Away:Swiss
Pose by Focus Poses 

Monday, July 16, 2012

PW Look 1

So, I am gonna start blogging the Perfect Wardrobe items.  Why, because that place is rocking, its one of them places where you can find your favorite designer and get them at a discount because the item is themed. Thats right. So me I love bargins and like nothing is ever over 90L or well I never seen anything like dont quote me ok.....alright well it looks like this theme is partying, and well I got my party look on. So here is look one of Party night, I will have another for you tomarrow :D

STARTED JULY 14th! So get your butts there ♥ 

Earrings: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Party Earring  PW Item
Pants: :::LP::: Ricochet Leggings  PW Item
Shirt: LUSH*LIMITED: D-Ball Tank (purple) PW Item
Boots: *Tentacio* Club boots PW Item
Hair: .::CENSORED::. Liv Hair Blonde  NEW
Skin: al vulo- julia * black blonde bronze - NEW
Pose by Focus Poses   PW Item

Delusions Tattoos

So I took the weekend off, because I been blogging crazy since I started! So I am back and I am going to have alot to show you haha, that stuff accumulates when you are gone. So my first post is a new sponsor...well two new sponsors, First, I would love to say, I am blogging for Delusions Tattoos, and now Al Vulo skins, which if you know me that is the only skins I wear lately lol. Soooo here you new tattoos, and yes men there are some for you too!

Pic 1: .:: Delusions ::. No Evil
Pic 2: .:: Delusions ::. Haters Gonna Hate
Pic 3: .::Delusions::. Live Love Laugh Smile ONE VOICE
.:: Delusions ::. Support The Cause - Team Gala @ONE VOICE
Pic 4:  .:: Delusions ::. Lost Soul
Pic 5: .:: Delusions ::. Hushabye Skulled Chest Tattoo Pack
Pic 6: .:: Delusions ::. Alone I break
Pic:7: .:: Delusions ::. Punky Skullie Neck Tattoo Pack

My Skin is Al Vulo Georgie - ONE VOICE Event!

Hair:  [e] Flattery - HAIR FAIR

Friday, July 13, 2012


Hey all, I have had the pleasure of being one of the 100 bloggers allowed to go on the sim early to drop a butt ton of cash. And let me tell you it was worth it. I CANNOT BELIEVE what the designers have come up with. A donation of each purchase will go to the kids that need wigs.  Now me personally I did this event every year since it started, and being I am only a half year into blogging, its my Honor to be chosen to blog this out. I think that all need to be aware.  Now to be bluntly honest, this will be one hell of a long I am going to do one post now and prolly a few posts later down the road, there are a ton of designers, and I went mad crazy shopping.  Oh and the freebies...omgosh that amazing amount of generosity!

This would be one of the reasons I love blogging, because we are the voice that allows you all to be part of something too. So please enjoy this and go the is some info that you need to know... and thing else...please make sure you visit the offical Site

July 14th - 29th is when you can get your hair, now remember the first week is always the busiest, so PLEASE watch your prims your scripts, hell take it all off and put an alpha on, then you can be like invisble man and just go.  Seriously be considerate of others...ok :D 

ok so here we go with some samples of what to find! NONE of these pics were touched past adding the you know what your getting and its amazing! 

 ::Exile:: Silent Wings: Naturals

 ::Exile::Sea of Love: Naturals

 Heartless: Eva Hair (Brown Collection)

 LOGO Michelle II Rigged Mesh Hair - Browns Pack

 Tameless Hair Bethany - Mega Pack

 Tameless Hair PeggySue - Mega Pack

 Tameless Hair Sojo - Mega Pack

 Tameless Hair Victoria - Mega Pack

 /Wasabi Pills/ Zoey Mesh Hair - Blonds Pack

 [Ill] Illusory Hair - Nostalgic - Dip Dye Pack

 [Iren] Rory- browns


 pr!tty - Live Free - Browns Pack